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LockMode com::sleepycat::collections::DataCursor::getLockMode ( boolean  lockForWrite  )  [inline, package]

Returns the lock mode to use for a getXxx() operation.

Definition at line 851 of file DataCursor.java.

References com::sleepycat::collections::DataView::currentTxn, and com::sleepycat::collections::CurrentTransaction::getWriteLockMode().

Referenced by doGetSearchKey(), findBoth(), getCurrent(), getCurrentRecordNumber(), getFirst(), getLast(), getNext(), getNextDup(), getNextNoDup(), getPrev(), getPrevDup(), getPrevNoDup(), getSearchKey(), getSearchKeyRange(), putNoDupData(), repositionExact(), and repositionRange().


        /* Read-uncommmitted takes precedence over write-locking. */

        if (readUncommitted) {
            return LockMode.READ_UNCOMMITTED;
        } else if (lockForWrite) {
            return view.currentTxn.getWriteLockMode();
        } else {
            return LockMode.DEFAULT;

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