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DataCursor com::sleepycat::collections::DataCursor::cloneCursor (  )  throws DatabaseException [inline, package]

Clones a cursor preserving the current position.

Definition at line 121 of file DataCursor.java.

References checkNoJoinCursor(), cursor, com::sleepycat::util::keyrange::RangeCursor::dup(), initThangs(), keyThang, primaryKeyThang, and valueThang.

Referenced by com::sleepycat::collections::StoredIterator::dup().



        DataCursor o;
        try {
            o = (DataCursor) super.clone();
        } catch (CloneNotSupportedException neverHappens) {
            return null;

        KeyRange.copy(keyThang, o.keyThang);
        KeyRange.copy(valueThang, o.valueThang);
        if (primaryKeyThang != keyThang) {
            KeyRange.copy(primaryKeyThang, o.primaryKeyThang);

        o.cursor = cursor.dup(true);
        return o;

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