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OperationStatus com::sleepycat::collections::DataCursor::getFirst ( boolean  lockForWrite  )  throws DatabaseException [inline, package]

Binding version of Cursor.getFirst(), join cursor is allowed.

Definition at line 423 of file DataCursor.java.

References com::sleepycat::util::keyrange::RangeCursor::getFirst(), and getLockMode().

Referenced by com::sleepycat::collections::DataView::clear(), findValue(), and com::sleepycat::collections::DataView::isEmpty().


        LockMode lockMode = getLockMode(lockForWrite);
        if (joinCursor != null) {
            return joinCursor.getNext(keyThang, valueThang, lockMode);
        } else {
            return cursor.getFirst(keyThang, primaryKeyThang, valueThang,

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