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com::sleepycat::collections::DataView Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Represents a Berkeley DB database and adds support for indices, bindings and key ranges.

This class defines a view and takes care of reading and updating indices, calling bindings, constraining access to a key range, etc.

Mark Hayes

Definition at line 39 of file DataView.java.

Package Functions

OperationStatus append (Object value, Object[] retPrimaryKey, Object[] retValue) throws DatabaseException
final boolean canDeriveKeyFromValue ()
void clear () throws DatabaseException
DataView configuredView (CursorConfig config)
 DataView (Database database, EntryBinding keyBinding, EntryBinding valueBinding, EntityBinding entityBinding, boolean writeAllowed, PrimaryKeyAssigner keyAssigner) throws IllegalArgumentException
DataView duplicatesView (Object secondaryKey, EntryBinding primaryKeyBinding) throws DatabaseException, KeyRangeException
CurrentTransaction getCurrentTxn ()
final Environment getEnv ()
DatabaseEntry getSingleKeyThang ()
boolean isEmpty () throws DatabaseException
final boolean isSecondary ()
DataCursor join (DataCursor[] indexCursors, JoinConfig joinConfig) throws DatabaseException
DataCursor join (DataView[] indexViews, Object[] indexKeys, JoinConfig joinConfig) throws DatabaseException
DataView keySetView ()
Object makeKey (DatabaseEntry keyThang, DatabaseEntry priKeyThang)
Object makeValue (DatabaseEntry primaryKeyThang, DatabaseEntry valueThang)
KeyRange subRange (KeyRange useRange, Object beginKey, boolean beginInclusive, Object endKey, boolean endInclusive) throws DatabaseException, KeyRangeException
KeyRange subRange (KeyRange useRange, Object singleKey) throws DatabaseException, KeyRangeException
DataView subView (Object beginKey, boolean beginInclusive, Object endKey, boolean endInclusive, EntryBinding keyBinding) throws DatabaseException, KeyRangeException
boolean useKey (Object key, Object value, DatabaseEntry keyThang, KeyRange checkRange) throws DatabaseException
KeyRange useSubRange () throws DatabaseException
Transaction useTransaction ()
void useValue (Object value, DatabaseEntry valueThang, DatabaseEntry checkKeyThang) throws DatabaseException
DataView valueSetView (Object singleKey) throws DatabaseException, KeyRangeException
DataView valueSetView ()

Package Attributes

boolean btreeRecNumAccess
boolean btreeRecNumDb
CurrentTransaction currentTxn
CursorConfig cursorConfig
Database db
boolean dupsAllowed
DatabaseEntry dupsKey
boolean dupsOrdered
KeyRange dupsRange
boolean dupsView
EntityBinding entityBinding
PrimaryKeyAssigner keyAssigner
EntryBinding keyBinding
boolean keysRenumbered
boolean ordered
KeyRange range
boolean readUncommittedAllowed
boolean recNumAccess
boolean recNumAllowed
boolean recNumRenumber
SecondaryDatabase secDb
SecondaryKeyCreator secKeyCreator
boolean transactional
EntryBinding valueBinding
boolean writeAllowed

Private Member Functions

DataView cloneView ()
DatabaseEntry makeRangeKey (Object key) throws DatabaseException
void returnPrimaryKeyAndValue (DatabaseEntry keyThang, DatabaseEntry valueThang, Object[] retPrimaryKey, Object[] retValue) throws DatabaseException
void setRange (Object beginKey, boolean beginInclusive, Object endKey, boolean endInclusive) throws DatabaseException, KeyRangeException

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